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Despite her unparalleled ability to speak eloquently about the real estate market, Cathy is modest about her many achievements within the sector. Fortunately, her team are on hand to witness and celebrate Cathy’s formidable intellect, contagious energy, and ability to develop strong professional bonds with her clients. As anyone who has worked alongside Cathy will attest, she stops at nothing to achieve her goals and do well by those who rely on her.

Before working in real estate, Cathy co-founded Ecay Trade – the Cayman Islands’ local answer to online auction site eBay. Having proved her business savvy in this role, she joined fellow owner Neil in the real estate sector. Since then, the impressive pair have worked to make Williams2 the world-class company we know and love today, ensuring we’re always one step ahead of a tough market.

Interesting facts about Cathy:

  • She’s Irish.
  • She has a 2nd degree Black Belt in Don Jitsu Ryu (Purple Dragon International), winning gold at the Karate Championships in Trinidad (July 2015).
  • Cathy and Neil’s two girls have also accomplished their Black Belts in Don Jitsu Ryu (Purple Dragon International) – an impressive feat which demonstrates impressive ambition, strength, and resilience. The girls clearly have excellent genes, as well as a couple of very supportive parents.

Outside of work:

On top of working, training, and spending time with her girls, Cathy enjoys taking time out of her packed schedule to enjoy a glass of crisp Sauvignon Blanc with Neil. The pair love spending time together both in and out of work, exuding energy and enthusiasm that spreads throughout the team!