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Krista Millican

  • Sales & rental Agent

Krista is a seasoned real estate professional with over nine years of experience in the industry. Her passion for interior design, warm personality, and outgoing nature set her apart as a fantastic sales and rental agent. With a deep understanding of the local market, she has become a trusted advisor to both sellers and buyers in the Cayman Islands.


Specializing in selling residential homes and Seven-mile condos in Cayman, Krista has developed a comprehensive knowledge of the local real estate landscape. However, her understanding extends beyond these specific areas, as she possesses a broad knowledge base of all regions in the Cayman Islands. As a qualified CIREBA agent, Krista is well-equipped to guide her clients through every step of the selling or buying process.


Krista’s passion for real estate stems from her upbringing, with a father who was passionate about property development. Growing up in this environment ignited her own passion for architecture and design, and she has channeled that enthusiasm into her career. The Cayman Islands, with its diverse range of stunning properties, provides the perfect canvas for Krista to showcase her expertise and help clients sell their properties or find their dream homes or investment properties.


What truly sets Krista apart from other real estate agents is her warm personality and outgoing nature. Clients often praise her ability to establish strong relationships and make them feel comfortable throughout the entire transaction. With her background in interior design, Krista has an eye for detail and can offer valuable insights on how to transform a property into a beautiful and functional space.

Beyond her professional experiences, Krista is an avid traveler who has explored various parts of the world, including Australia, Spain, Thailand, and the UK. This global perspective has endowed her with a deep appreciation for different cultures and lifestyles, which she leverages to help her clients settle into their new homes seamlessly.

In conclusion, Krista is a highly experienced and passionate real estate agent in the Cayman Islands. Her background in real estate, interior design, warm personality, and extensive knowledge of the local market makes her an invaluable asset to anyone looking to sell or buy property. Whether it’s selling your property, buying your perfect home, or making a lucrative investment, Krista’s dedication and expertise ensure a smooth and rewarding real estate experience.

Interesting facts about Krista:

Krista is an individual who possesses a plethora of interesting facts that make her an intriguing person. First and foremost, she is an avid fishing enthusiast who frequently partakes in local competitions. This love for fishing reveals a deep connection and appreciation for the water and its inhabitants in Cayman.

Furthermore, Krista’s professional life as a real estate agent is marked by a highly rewarding property placement experience. One of her greatest achievements involved assisting a client located at the Everest Base Camp in securing a new home in the Cayman Islands. This extraordinary feat showcases Krista’s dedication and ability to navigate complex situations, as well as her commitment to ensuring her clients’ satisfaction. By facilitating such a significant relocation, Krista demonstrates her expertise and determination in finding the perfect property for her clients, regardless of their unique circumstances.


Outside of work:

Outside of work, Krista finds solace in traveling and spending quality time with her loved ones. Whether it is going on a family vacation or embarking on an adventure with her husband, children, and dogs, she cherishes these moments as opportunities to create lasting memories. Moreover, Krista’s affinity for the ocean is apparent, as she prefers to immerse herself in aquatic activities. Be it sailing above the waves, splashing around in the water, or simply basking in the sights and sounds of the sea, Krista embraces the soothing and invigorating nature of the ocean.

In conclusion, Krista is a fascinating individual with several intriguing aspects to her character. Her love for fishing and the water, her rewarding property placement experience, her intuitive insight into people’s emotions, and her enjoyment of traveling and spending time with her loved ones all contribute to her multifaceted nature. These interesting facts about Krista not only showcase her diverse interests and talents but also provide valuable insights into the qualities that make her an exceptional real estate agent and an engaging individual.