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Krista Millican

  • Sales & rental Agent

Before moving into the real estate industry, Krista spent her time assisting guests at a watersports company in Grand Cayman, ensuring they made the most of the ocean’s breathtaking beauty. This role helped her develop a sharp marketing acumen and a desire to provide outstanding customer service for all.

Since getting involved in the property market, Krista’s passion for interior design, warm personality, and outgoing nature have helped her become a fantastic sales and rental agent. Property development is in Krista’s blood, having grown up with a father passionate about investing in renovation projects. The Cayman Islands represent the perfect spot for someone with Krista’s passion for architecture and design thanks to its diverse array of gorgeous properties.

Currently, Krista helps customers navigate the rental market and specializes in helping those looking to relocate to the Cayman Islands. However, she is also known to get involved with sales on occasion and is a qualified CIREBA sales agent.

Outside of her professional experiences, Krista has traveled around much of the world, including Australia, Spain, Thailand, and the UK. She even sailed along Australia’s east coast for six months, meaning she knows how to make virtually anywhere feel like home – knowledge she passes on to her clients.

Interesting facts about Krista:

  • She loves fishing and frequently takes part in local competitions.
  • Her most rewarding property placement involved helping a client located at the Everest Base Camp secure a new home in the Cayman Islands.
  • Krista is very intuitive and can tap into people’s emotions – a vital skill when it comes to helping people find a home.

Outside of work:

When Krista isn’t working, she’s spending time with her husband and kids (preferably in, on, or above the ocean!).