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Williams2’s very own George Davidson first encouraged Fabio to get into the professional real estate market – and we’re incredibly grateful that he did! As great friends and colleagues, George and Fabio started building a joint property portfolio many years ago. Having demonstrated his skills as an investor and salesman, Fabio decided to turn his newfound passion for property into a full-time career. In 2004, he started working for Capital Realty and hasn’t looked back. Today, he continues to juggle his personal investments with his role at Williams2, ensuring that he keeps an eye on the market in a way that benefits both himself and his clients.

Beyond Fabio’s interest in real estate, he is known as one of the Cayman Islands’ best sommeliers, even earning a certificate through the Court of Masters Sommeliers. He speaks four languages fluently, including Spanish and French, and has traveled much of the world. These experiences have helped Fabio develop a taste for sophistication – something our high-end clients adore. As well as supporting people in finding luxurious homes, he’s happy to offer a little advice about the wine, culture, and experiences to be found in the Cayman Islands.

Interesting facts about Fabio:

  • He moved to the Cayman Islands in his twenties and started his investment portfolio within months of arriving – a testament to his drive and work ethic.
  • Beneath Fabio’s youthful energy is a shrewd businessman with a keen eye for investment opportunities.
  • He loves to stay fit and regularly competes at the Cayman Crossfit Games.

Outside of work

Although Fabio dedicates much of his life to working, he still finds time to pursue his passion for wine and loves working out.

What Clients Say:

“Fabio went above and beyond to make us happy homeowners. He was patient with us over the 2-year journey, and personally solicited landowners to find someone willing to sell so we could build our dream home. The wait was worth it!”
Juliana Smith