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Gemma Haylock


Introducing Gemma Haylock, a dynamic force in the world of Cayman Islands’ real estate and a proud member of the Williams2 Real Estate team. With a passion for properties matched only by her dedication to client satisfaction, Gemma embodies the ethos of integrity and excellence that defines Williams2. 

Originally hailing from the UK, Gemma’s journey to Grand Cayman was marked by a career transition from the world of high-end cosmetics to the realm of real estate. Driven by a desire to explore new horizons, Gemma quickly found her calling in the vibrant Cayman Islands property market. Her transition was seamless, as she infused her work with the same energy and enthusiasm that once graced the makeup counters. 

Gemma’s approach to real estate is refreshingly vibrant and engaging. She doesn’t just facilitate transactions; she orchestrates experiences, injecting a sense of fun and excitement into every sales and rental process. Clients lucky enough to work with Gemma consistently praise her for her excellent advice and unwavering commitment to their needs. 

What sets Gemma apart is not just her professional prowess, but also her multifaceted interests and passions. A skilled equestrian, Gemma’s love for show jumping has taken her to prestigious competitions, including Olympia, where she once competed on the grand stage of the horse Olympics. Now, she eagerly awaits the day her daughter follows in her footsteps, sharing her love for the equestrian world. 

Beyond the real estate realm, Gemma finds solace in mindfulness and yoga, balancing her busy career with moments of tranquility and self-reflection. Yet, she’s equally at home indulging in the simple pleasures of life—a delicious glass of wine shared with friends, or quality time with her cherished daughter. 

Gemma’s infectious personality and genuine warmth make her an invaluable asset to Williams2. Her ability to forge meaningful connections with clients and colleagues alike is a testament to her authenticity and dedication. As Gemma continues to make her mark in the world of Cayman Islands real estate, we eagerly anticipate the exciting accomplishments that lie ahead. With Gemma Haylock by your side, your real estate journey is not just a transaction—it’s an unforgettable adventure.