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Gemma Haylock


Gemma has an unwavering fascination with the Cayman Islands’ property market, as well as a genuine passion for helping clients find their perfect homes. As such, Gemma is a highly valued member of the Williams2 Real Estate Team and frequently receives compliments from clients lucky enough to work alongside her.

Before moving to Grand Cayman in 2009, Gemma worked for Estee Lauder in the UK. While her penchant for high-end makeup remains steadfast, she retired her makeup brushes in 2013, keen to pursue new projects. Thanks to her drive and determination, Gemma took to the real estate market like a duck to water. As well as offering excellent advice to her clients, she discovered she could inject a sense of fun and vigor into the sales and rental processes. To this day, Gemma continues bringing fresh energy (and a few exciting surprises) to her job – something her clients and colleagues love.

Gemma was motivated to join Williams2 as she detected a strong camaraderie between our agents, as well as a strong support framework that ensures clients achieve the results they deserve. She finds working in such a dynamic environment an enjoyable and fulfilling experience, and we all look forward to seeing what she achieves next!

Interesting facts about Gemma:

  • Gemma loves riding horses and specializes in show jumping.
  • Gemma competed in Olympia (a.k.a. the horse Olympics) when she was a teenager and hopes her daughter will follow in her footsteps soon.

Outside of work:

When she’s not spending time with her beloved daughter, Gemma can often be found practicing mindfulness or yoga. Like many of us, Gemma is also partial to a delicious glass of wine while catching up with her friends. Her sociable personality represents a huge asset for Williams2, helping her charm clients with little effort!

What Clients Say:

“I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Gemma again. It was an excellent decision. She is totally professional in every aspect of her role as a sales agent. She is enthusiastic, energetic, responsive and seemingly always available.”
David Wheaton