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Meet James Bebarfald, a seasoned Real Estate Agent whose passion for solving complex problems and building meaningful relationships drives his success at Williams2 Real Estate in the breathtaking Cayman Islands. 

Before joining the dynamic team at Williams2 in 2013, James co-ran a leading property management and leasing company, where he immersed himself in the intricacies of the Cayman Islands’ real estate market. With six years of invaluable experience under his belt, James honed his exceptional people skills, becoming adept at understanding and fulfilling his clients’ diverse needs. 

James’s journey to real estate excellence began against a backdrop of varied experiences. From his early career as a sports producer and anchor for the Cayman Islands Television Network, where he earned accolades such as the Caribbean Media Award for his coverage of the 2000 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, to his philanthropic endeavors raising over $3.6 million for local charities as an auctioneer, James has always excelled in connecting with people from all walks of life. 

Fueled by a relentless drive to make a difference, James brings a wealth of experience beyond the real estate realm. With 11 years in management roles at three five-star resort hotels and involvement with diverse projects, including collaborating with a UN medical research team in refugee camps and contributing to reef conservation efforts, James is a multifaceted professional with a heart for community and a commitment to excellence. 

Outside of the bustling real estate world, James finds solace in staying active and pursuing his passions. Once a competitive triathlon enthusiast, he now channels his energy into workouts at CrossFit 7 Mile, ensuring a balance between his professional endeavors and personal well-being. 

With an authentic Aussie spirit and a dedication to his craft, James Bebarfald embodies the vibrant ethos of Williams2 Real Estate. Whether guiding clients through the nuances of the Cayman Islands’ property market or making a positive impact in his community, James approaches each endeavor with enthusiasm, integrity, and a genuine desire to help others find their perfect slice of paradise.