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Jane moved to the Cayman Islands from the British Virgin Islands in 2002, shifting into the real estate sector from a role providing fine wines to high-end restaurants. Before establishing a life in the Caribbean, Jane pursued a career in hotel management. During this time, she traveled across much of the world, including London, France, and Switzerland. While Jane relished the sense of freedom that travel engenders, she couldn’t resist the beauty of Grand Cayman and decided to settle down in the Caribbean. To this day, she marvels at the islands’ stunning turquoise waters, balmy atmosphere, and friendly community.

Prior to joining Williams2, Jane spent five years as a realtor in Grand Cayman. She thrived within this role, successfully building a highly profitable portfolio and developing an impressive knowledge of the real estate market. In her current role, Jane uses her knowledge and first-class people skills to deliver fantastic results for her clients.

For Jane, one of the most rewarding aspects of her role at Williams2 is the opportunity to explore the diversity of properties in the Cayman Islands. She feels privileged to be able to promote and sell architectural masterpieces and hi-spec homes that clients often fall in love with.

Interesting facts about Jane:

  • She is fluent in several languages, including French.
  • She has climbed Hawaii’s formidable Diamond Head volcano.
  • She has a daredevil side. On her 24th birthday, Jane skied down a mountain in the French Alps without a parachute!
  • She worked as a chef in Switzerland and England for several years.

Outside of work:

Jane has two lovable boys who help her stay very busy. When she has spare time, she enjoys golfing, scuba diving, eating at high-end restaurants, and hopping on her family boat to enjoy the Cayman Islands’ scenic waters and beaches.