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Before pursuing a career in real estate, Neil moved to the Cayman Islands from the UK to join the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, having started out in the London Metropolitan Police Service. He was the first police officer to set up residence in Little Cayman, armed with just a bicycle, pen, and paper. Throughout his time in this unique role, Neil proved himself to be an invaluable member of the close-knit community on Little Cayman, fulfilling his duties with compassion and enthusiasm every day.

While Neil relished his time as an officer, he has always been passionate about real estate and has been buying and selling houses from an early age. He made the decision to pursue this passion full time in 2005, accepting a role as an agent and teaming up with Cathy shortly after.

The couple’s strong relationship and shared values have given them a valuable advantage within the real estate market on the Cayman Islands. Neil and Cathy also complement each other well, with Neil’s calm demeanor balancing out Cathy’s fiery drive and enthusiasm. Clients love Neil’s tranquil presence and are happy to place their trust in his awe-inspiring knowledge of the local market. Indeed, he keeps his finger on the pulse and is always scouting out new trends.

Interesting facts about Neil:

  • He’s climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • He used to play rugby but prefers to watch the game nowadays.
  • Neil loves to travel with his family. In fact, they’ve come up with an adventurous bucket list to tick off.
  • He relishes the opportunity to interact with a wide range of people in his role.

Outside of work:
Neil considers himself a family man and loves nothing more than to enjoy a cold beer on his days off.